Center for Democracy and Election Management (CDEM) and the Center for North American Studies (CNAS) are research and education centers within American University. CDEM is known around the world as a premiere education program not only for students, but also for election officials world-wide who wish to expand their knowledge of election practices. CNAS is devoted to improving interrelations between the countries of North America. Diplomats, politicians, and experts in all three countries are involed in its initiatives.

As such, the websites for these centers needed to be focused on providing information while also being assessable and easily utilized by individuals at the highest levels of government.

As a web developer, I organized events, news, and information to create a intuitive and straightfoward website. I managed the HTML emails, and I also created the logos and visual branding for a number of printed materials used during high-level conferences and events.

Websites: HTML, CSS, image editing
Email: HTML email management
Printed materials: Logo design, image editing, text editing

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